The Pilgrim John Howland Society

Pilgrim Greetings,

I am writing you to extend an invitation for membership in our society as a descendant of John Howland, the Pilgrim. If you already hold membership in the Society of Mayflower Descendants in your state, your genealogy work is done. We would only need a photocopy of your approved application to the Mayflower Society and have you complete our application. If you are already a member, we are glad to have you and we hope to see you at the Annual Meeting.

Our main purpose is to retain possession of the Howland House in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which the Society purchased in 1913. This historic house has been restored and is open to the public during the summer months. The Society also maintains the home site property in Rocky Nook, Kingston, Massachusetts, where John and Elizabeth lived in their later years.

The Society publishes the Howland Quarterly sent to their members, filled with information and interesting articles about the happenings of the Society and pilgrim articles. We are an active society, our annual meetings are held in Plymouth, Massachusetts in August and are well attended. Every third year we coordinate our annual meeting with the Mayflower Congress, this moves the date to the beginning of September.

Annual Dues are $25 for descendants over 21. Junior memberships have no annual fees. Spouses of members may join in the Marriage and Parentage category (husbands or wives of descendants who become parents of a descendant child). For spouses where there are no children, there is the Marriage Membership category. Both spouse categories pay an annual dues of $25. All may become Life members for a fee of $300. Finally, we have recently added a New Howland Society membership category: Friend of the Pilgrim John Howland Society! Individuals who are not descendants of John and Elizabeth Howland, but who are interested in joining our society are cordially invited to join as a Friend of the PJHS. See the "How to Join" page for a Friends application.

To begin your application process please click here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me for additional membership information and forms or questions.

Eldon Gay, Historian